Laser-Powder-Cladding, Technology

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By Laser-Powder-Cladding a Laser beam melts slightly the surface of a metal part. Filler material as powder is fed by a gas stream towards this interaction zone of Laser and melt pool. Thereby, a metallurgically bond, pore free layer with minimal dilution is formed.

By Laser-Powder-Cladding optimal solutions by applications oriented combination of materials are achieved. 

The Laser-Powder-Cladding is used at Gall & Seitz Systems e.g. for

  • Local repair and reconditioning of high value parts
  • Laser-Cladding of surfaces e.g. for wear applications

At Gall & Seitz Systems kW-solid state Lasers are used. Based on the processing parameters used cladding bead of typically 0,3-1,2 mm height and 2-4 mm width are generated.

By corresponding movements of the Laser head or part single and multi layer surface claddings can be achieved. Size, composition and thickness are determined by customers demands and quiet often depend on kind and character of the damages to be reconditioned. In general there are no limitations concerning height or thickness of the cladding for many material combinations.