Company Ethics of Gall & Seitz Systems GmbH

Behaving Responsibly

Behaving responsibly is the basic principle for Gall & Seitz Systems GmbH. The guiding image for our company can be set out in five basic tenets, on how this thinking is converted in all areas of behaviour in our everyday life at the company.

Responsibility pervades through all our everyday business.

Gall & Seitz Systems consciously sees itself as embedded in the corporate context and is aware of the responsibility that arises from this.

Our Guiding Images

Our company is defined through the three pillars of our mechanical workshop, with on-board assembly, and high pressure fuel pipe production. By using our guiding images we have a joint signpost for what is especially important to us and will be lived through in practice:


We are committed to:

  • Our clients. They form the central point of our business. Our customers experience our positive inner attitude at all times.
  • The active and complete fulfilment of client requests.
  • Behaviour based on partnership and reciprocity with regard to our clients and suppliers.


We show our motivation in providing service through:

  • Our care and out staying power. We willingly take up everyday challenges and show this through discipline, speed and continuity.
  • Our enthusiasm and our devotedness. The success of each colleague and of our company is based on our readiness to serve and on our motivation.
  • The esteem of our colleagues and their work. We foster and develop the personal skills of every individual and let all colleagues participate in the success of the company.

Quality and Innovation

Our innovative strength and quality requirements results from:

  • The requirement for every individual’s creativity. With us, major problem solutions and innovations are as highly prized as small improvements and further developments. Our strength is based on the connection between tradition and innovation.
  • The underlying issue of individual behaviour and the critical value added by working solutions. We stand for continuing improvements.
  • Good Manufacturing Practises for our products. We produce high value quality products through high value work, which our clients demand and appreciate.
  • Our service. We have the goal of meeting our clients’ requirements in good time and free of complaint. Our clients’ satisfaction is at the centre of our interests.


We meet the demand for sustainable success through:

  • Reinvesting profits in the company.
  • A long-term view and not just of short-term gains. We are convinced of the success of our business philosophy and we are forming the future.
  • Our behaviour in defined markets with specific products and service provision, which form the basis of our success. We behave reliably, honestly, and straight forwardly and will follow our personal path successfully.


Our responsibility is based upon:

  • Careful and accurate trade with our clients and colleagues. We have an awareness of the duties of our products and services.
  • An attitude that takes care of the resources of our planet earth.
  • Our corporate commitment. We have a view to a positive future, which requires responsible behaviour and the recognition of social and corporate interests.


It is our daily requirement to be a useful part of the future.

We create future!