Welcome at Gall & Seitz Systems GmbH

Competence is not a matter of size!

Gall & Seitz Systems is a start-up based on the assets of the formerly family owned company Gall & Seitz, looking back for more than a century of experiences and successes.

With the foundation of Gall & Seitz Systems in Hamburg 2009 the profile was focussed on the historically strong business units shiprepair and pipe production.

Additionally the reconditioning of pistons and engine parts by Laser-Powder-Cladding in combination with the powerfull work shop were enhanced.

In 2010 it was agreed to invent the Laser-Powder-Cladding Technology in Singapore. Together with two other joint venture partners LaserCladding Singapore Ltd. was founded.

2011 another work shop was founded in Cuxhaven with the present focus on steel and plant construction. However, further business units such as Laser Cladding will come up soon.

The latest member within the Gall & Seitz Systems structure is LaserCladding Nordic A/S

Our engineers, engine fitters, welders, pipe fitters and lathe men are all trained and permanently employed by us. Our experienced staff can carry out the work in Hamburg, Singapore and worldwide, everyday, around the clock. We repair speedily and our costs are very competitive.


Headquarter in Hamburg