Common-Rail - double walled fuel injection pipes


Ready for EU Tier V

Since 2020, new engines in marine applications have to meet emission standards EU "Stage V".
To meet this norm, a efficient fuel injection system is needed.
Therefore common-rail is state of the art.

Engines are available but not for marine usage. For this issue Gall & Seitz has develped and testet successfully double walled fuel injection pipes.

Our pipes are characterised by:

  • - Planning and production of your individual pipe geometry
  • - Laser welded cones -> improved reliabilty
  • - long-term pressure tested
  • - up to 2100 bar working pessure
  • - Own production for attachment parts -> short delivery terms
  • - Hand-bended
  • - tension-free
  • - 100% inspection of the leakage pipe
  • - certification after rules of DNV GL, BV, LR and other on request



Autofrettage is a little-known metalworking process that typically applies only to components subject to pressures above 15,000 psi pulsating at frequencies above 5 Hz. Common examples include cannon and gun barrels, liners and jackets for high-pressure pumps, and automotive common-rail injection components for cars and trucks.

In French, “frettage” means the hooping of casks or cylindrical containers to increase strength against internal pressure. “Auto” means the material itself withstands the stresses without external devices such as the above-mentioned hoops.

In the engineering world, autofrettage alters a container’s inside surface by inducing permanent compression to the material’s inner layers — even in the absence of internal pressure. The process artificially strains the material with stresses above the elastic limit, taking them just into the plastic region. It is similar to the process of prestressing concrete for building bridges.

Our jacketed fuel injection pipes are all equipped with a leakage identification. Within our production process pipe, fitting and cone are monitored in view of leakage. This requires highest standards for the production process especially in view of short and strong bended pipes. To present best solutions to our customers we concentrated a lot of our attention on product development of our single skinned and double skinned pipes.



Just ask us!

We offer additonal to you:

  • - Conception and realisation of single to double-walled high pressure pipes
  • - Upgrading class-conform 4-stroke engines
  • - Design of alarm systems
  • - Single part production for research and development